About Us

About Dhaka Club

The Dhaka Club of Florida

is a non-profit, Non-Political and Non-Discriminatory, IRS 501c (3) tax-exempt (Tax ID 46-1181784) organization. We were established in 2012, This organization of Bangladeshi Associations has been recognized as an umbrella, where Bangladeshi Americans gather to celebrate their success and introduce their vibrant culture to this multicultural country. Since its inception in 2012, Dhaka Club of Florida has been working tirelessly in this land far away from our ancestral homeland to keep our indigenous culture and commence to our next generations growing in the Sunshine State of Florida. That is not all; Dhaka Club of Florida has recently received appreciation for its work to assimilate our people with the mainstream of North American people and culture. Those of us who are working despite all obstacles in different communities all over the continent are getting recognitions from our organization in other words, Dhaka Club of Florida is a symbol of our hope and aspiration and a unifying force for bringing our communities together and for moving it in forward direction.

Our Mission

Dhaka Club of Florida is the One and Only Organization who promotes Local NRB Cultural Performers and assist all others festivals in Florida including its own show "Deshi Winter Festival" which is usually during the month of January, February. This event promotes the importance of cultural diversity in building a vibrant, prosperous, and healthy community. Our main mission is promoting and educate our youths about the Bangladeshi culture, thus in return it will bring the Bangladeshi culture and American Culture as one for our next generations to come.